The Goblin Chronicles
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Step into a world of mythical monsters and magical mayhem. The Goblin Chronicles is a fun-filled fantasy epic in the vein of Shrek meets the Lord of the Rings.

Follow the misadventures of four young heroes as they fight to save their world from a tyrannical witch. Along the way, they learn valuable life lessons and discover one of the most powerful forces in the
world: friendship. 


Appropriate for all-ages, this 127-page color graphic novel is currently only available as a DRM-free PDF direct download. As a bonus, we've added three short stories, including a touching tale with pencils by fan-favorite artist Tone Rodriguez (Simpsons, Violent Messiahs).

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Martin Repossession


Repossessing cars is a dangerous, thankless, and down-right dirty job. But for 14-year old Skipper Martin, it's a family tradition.

Based on actual events, this dark coming-of-age story is a visual retelling of Skipper's teenage years spent as repo man.


as an 82-page b&w graphic novel


Bizarre New WOrld

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500 Pages for $10

Bizarre New World is a 278-page color graphic novel that follows overweight frump Paul Krutcher as he discovers that he's the only man in the world to gain the ability to fly ... or so he thought.


Paul navigates through all of the perks and pains of being the first flying man, only to discover that he's not all that special, as the entire world soon follows him into the sky.


What would you do if you could fly?

What if everyone could fly?


Welcome to a Bizarre New World.   


Bizarre New WOrld
Short Story Anthology

Now Available as a DRM-Free PDF

A 225-page color anthology that explores a flying world from different points of view. This collection features stories from over 50 contributors from across the globe:


  • Rick Leonardi (Spider-man 2099)

  • Tradd Moore (Ghost Rider)

  • Corinna Sara Bechko (Star Wars)

  • Megan Levens (Madame Frankenstein)

  • Allan Jefferson (Iron Man)

  • Tone Rodriguez (Simpsons)

  • Ed Brisson (Sons of Anarchy)

  • And more ...