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Bizarre New World

Bizarre New World is a 278-page color graphic novel that follows the life of average joe Paul Krutcher, who wakes up one day to find out that he can fly. Paul navigates through all of the perks and pains of being the first flying man, only to discover that he's not all that special, as the entire world soon follows him into the sky.

This is not a superhero book. It's a slice-of-life tale that asks: What would YOU do if you could suddenly fly? What would it be like to live in a world where everyone could fly?  Welcome to a Bizarre New World. 


Created and written by Skipper Martin
Art by Chris Provencher
Colors by Wes Dzioba

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Bizarre New World Anthology

This 225-page color anthology explores a flying world from different points of view. This collection features stories from over 50 contributors from across the globe.


Rick Leonardi (Spider-man 2099)

Tradd Moore (Ghost Rider)

Corinna Sara Bechko (Star Wars)

Megan Levens (Madame Frankenstein)

Allan Jefferson (Iron Man)

Ed Brisson (Sons of Anarchy)

Troy Dye (Funko Ghostbusters)

And more ...

Digital download coming soon!


The Goblin Chronicles

The Goblin Chronicles is a 127-page fun-filled fantasy epic in the vein of Shrek meets the Lord of the Rings. Step into a world rife with mythical monsters and magical mayhem. 

Follow the misadventures of four young heroes as they fight to save their world from a tyrannical witch. Along the way, they learn valuable life lessons and discover one of the most powerful forces in the
world: friendship. 

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Martin Repossession

Repossessing cars is a dangerous, thankless, and down-right dirty job. But for 14-year old Skipper Martin, it's a family tradition.

Based on actual events, this dark coming-of-age story is a visual retelling of Skipper's teenage years spent as repo man and all of the danger and drama that comes with it. 

Created and written by Skipper Martin
Art by Dexter Wee

Digital download coming soon!


The Dinosaurians
(In Production)
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Medieval times meets The Land Before Time in The Dinosaurians, an all-ages fantasy adventure where humans don’t exist, but walking, talking dinosaurs do!

Art & Letters by Zul
Colors by Matt Webb 
Created and Written by
Troy Dye and Tom Kelesides

The Dinosaurians Comic Book page 8

The Menagerie
(In Production)
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When the alien caretakers of a space-faring zoo mysteriously disappear, all of its cages open, including one holding dozens of unsuspecting humans. To reach the last escape pod, they'll have fight for their lives against hungry alien animals ... and each other. 

Art by Dan Lauer
Colors by Matt Webb
Created and written by Troy Dye


Nearly Mortal
(Early Production)

Like most gods, Sengard was booted from the heavens once mortals stopped worshipping the divine. He now lives amongst humanity, slowly losing what little divine powers he has left, bringing him one step closer towards mortality each day. 

Art by Dario Carrasco
Colors by Matt Webb
Created and written by Troy Dye

Ceres sketch_small.jpg
sengard robed_small2.jpg

(In Production)

Every regime needs weapons with which to destroy their enemies. When a young girl surfaces with extraordinary powers, she becomes the most sought after person in the galaxy. With the ability to destroy the balance of power, will she save the known universe ... or obliterate it? 

Created and written by Skipper Martin

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We're always on the lookout for talented artists! If you pencil, ink, color, or letter, feel free to contact us. Please Include a link to your online portfolio. Sorry, we are not looking for writers.   

We are also not accepting unsolicited pitches for new books at this time. Unsolicited scripts and pitches will not be read and will be deleted immediately. 

Fractured Entertainment is your destination for ground-breaking entertainment. Fractured was founded by:      

Troy Dye (co-publisher) is a LA native who obsessively watches UFC and consumes ungodly amounts of chocolate and pizza (sometimes simultaneously). Troy wrote Funko Ghostbusters for IDW and co-wrote, with Tom Kelesides, several published stories based on DreamWorks Animation characters: Shrek, Puss-in-Boots, Kung Fu Panda, and Megamind. You can read some of his stories on his website

Skipper Martin (co-publisher) resides in LA and has been working at Universal Studios as a feature film and television colorists since 1999. Skipper wrote the critically-acclaimed Bizarre New World limited series. During his high school years he worked for his father as an automobile repossessor alongside his two brothers in the family business "Martin Repossession," which is now an original graphic novel. Go to IMDB to learn more about Skip.  

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