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The titles below are actively being worked on and are at various stages of development.


The Dinosaurians
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Medieval times meets The Land Before Time in The Dinosaurians, an all-ages fantasy adventure where humans don’t exist, but walking, talking dinosaurs do!

Art & Letters by Zul
Colors by Matt Webb 
Written by Troy Dye and Tom Kelesides

The Dinosaurians Comic Book page 8

The Menagerie
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Aliens meets Jurassic Park in The Menagerie. When the alien caretakers of a space-faring zoo mysteriously disappear, all of its cages open, including one holding dozens of unsuspecting humans. The ship's life support system is slowly failing. To reach the last escape pod, they'll have fight for their lives against hungry alien beasts ... and each other. 

Written by Troy Dye
Art by Dan Lauer

Colors by Ellis Carlos



Every regime needs weapons to use against their enemies. When a young girl surfaces with extraordinary powers, she becomes the most sought after person in the galaxy. With the ability to change the balance of power, will she save the universe ... or obliterate it? 

Written by Skipper Martin

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Nearly Mortal

Like most gods, Sengard was booted from the heavens once mortals stopped worshipping the divine. If he doesn't drum up some followers soon, he'll never get his divine mojo back and will be doomed to "mere mortal" status. What is he willing to do in order to gain said followers? Just about anything, regardless of how far-fetched, ridiculous, or morally ambiguous it is.  

Written by 
Troy Dye
Art/Letters by Kevin Hopgood (co-creator of Marvel's War Machine and Hulkbuster
characters from Iron Man) 



Over a thousand of years ago, spells of mass destruction laid waste to the Nine Realms. In the aftermath, the survivors turned to science, ushering in a new era where magic and technology walk hand-in-hand. 

Written by Troy Dye

Art by Mauri Ordanez


Camelot Lost

The King has fallen! What is to become of Camelot now that the war has been lost to Mordred? Merlin and the surviving Knights of Round Table must defeat the usurper in order to restore Camelot to its former glory.       

Art and colors by Flavio Silva
Written by Troy Dye and Tom Kelesides.

Camelot Lost
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The More Things Change,
The More They Stay Insane


In the Old West, a reunion with a childhood crush becomes a living nightmare when she turns out to be completely and utterly insane. What's a lovestruck fool to do?

Art by Adam Huntley
Colors by Michael Spicer
Written by Skipper Martin

Car of the Future

Car of the Future

When two uberfans of Back to the Future steal the most iconic car in cinematic history, they unwittingly affect the movie's vast fanbase in unexpected, startling, and hilarious ways. 

Screenplay and comic book written by Skipper Martin 

Cover Art by Danielle Ellison

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