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We're always working on something! That means we're constantly on the lookout for talented artists to collaborate with! If you draw, ink, color, or letter, feel free to contact us. Send us a link to your online portfolio and include your page rate(s). Sorry, we are not looking for writers.   

We are not accepting pitches for new books at this time. Unsolicited pitches and scripts will remain unread and will immediately be deleted. 

Fractured Entertainment was formed by two comic book writers who wanted to share their previously-published work with others online. Fractured's founders are:  

Skipper Martin
works in the entertainment industry as a feature film and television colorist. He worked for Universal Studios for over 20 years and is currently working with Warner Brothers Discovery. Skip has written several screenplays and the critically-acclaimed Bizarre New World series of comic books. During high school, Skip worked for the family business, Martin Repossession. With all of the crazy, dangerous, and unbelievable encounters he had while on the job as repo "man," it was perfect material for an original graphic novel (see titles). Go to IMDB to learn more about the films and television episodes he has worked on.   

Troy Dye is a LA native who obsessively watches UFC, consumes ridiculous amounts of chocolate, and is considered to be "one with the universe" by people who don't know any better. Troy was the Submissions Editor for Ape Entertainment when it was still alive and kicking and wrote Funko Universe Ghostbusters for IDW. He also co-wrote several stories for DreamWorks Animation with Tom Kelesides: Shrek, Puss-in-Boots, Kung Fu Panda, and Megamind. You can read many of those stories on Troy's website. If it wasn't obvious, this is not the same Troy Dye who plays for the Minnesota Vikings. Or is it?


Thanks for submitting!

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